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In the coming months our archery range will once again be moved. It will soon share our farthest trap range and will be a first come, first serve basis. 


Single/Family Membership includes spouse and children under the age of 18.

Only $100 for an annual membership!!

Take your shotguns, rifles, pistols and even your bows!  It's all outdoors with plenty of space to spread out. Enjoy some trap and skeet or bunker down in one of our rifle and pistol ranges. Like Archery? Practice for competition at our spacious range. 

Future Plans

300 Meter Range; 15 yd. Pistol/Tactical Shotgun ranges are under construction. We are currently waiting on permits through Kings County. 


"The ranges are great and you can drive right up to each one. It's very open and rarely overcrowded." -Daniel, Lemoore, CA

"I like how they have a trap and a skeet shooting range, they are both very nicely maintained and very spaced out. Great place to go alone or with friends or family and have a great time." -Veronica,  Hanford, CA

"It's a good place to practice my archery and lately they've been updating all the ranges including a new archery range. I also like to shot skeet from time to time. It's all here, it's great!" -Chris, Lemoore, CA 


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